Tuesday, January 17, 2012

...And (Finally) We're Back!

Hello, everyone! I'd like to welcome everyone (or welcome you back, whichever the case may be) to The Main Street Newsstand, formerly known as Disney Theme Park Book Reviews.

A long time ago in what seems like a galaxy far, far away, I posted reviews of current and out-of-print books having to do with the Disney theme parks. I stopped updating the blog more than two years ago because life got in the way and something had to give. Since then, my life's gone through a few more changes, and I discovered that I've really missed writing just for the fun of writing, so I'm blowin' the dust off of this ol' blog and getting things going again.

Although my focus will still primarily be reviewing books about the Disney parks - and trust me, I've got a lot of books on my bookshelf that I can review! - I'm expanding the scope fo the blog a little bit so that I can comment on some of the interesting, frustrating, and just plain odd things that I see the Walt Disney Company doing as they run and promote their theme parks and resorts. I'm hoping that by expanding the focus a bit, I can provide content a little more regularly; one of the big challenges of writing reviews is that I insist on reading or re-reading the books I review, and sometimes all my commmitments don't always give me a chance to bet as caught up on my reading. Fortunately, expressing whatever opinions I have doesn't require a lot of prep time!

I don't know for sure how long I'll keep the Main Street Newsstand open and how often a new item will be on display, but whatever happens, it'll be fun. I hope you'll join me as I embark on a new adventure!

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Jessi said...

Excited to see what you blog about #3! ;-)